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Our Approach

美高梅官方网教学法以儿童为中心,亲身实践,个性化, 服务于整个孩子的发展——身体,社交,情感,认知. 而其他学校才刚刚开始考虑基于项目的学习, integrated curricula, and hands-on education, 自1979年以来,这些一直是美高梅官方网教育的基础.

At 美高梅官方网, children learn in a prepared environment that provides a comprehensive curriculum delivered via multi-sensory, hands-on materials. These materials develop basic skills, instill key ideas, and are self-correcting, 从而独立解决问题.

美高梅官方网的教师充当引导者和促进者,将儿童与环境联系起来. 在这里,学生在实践中学习——无论是单独学习还是小组学习. 这些材料是经过仔细排序的,这样孩子们就可以从他们正在学习的任何概念的具体表现开始, 当他们准备好不断增加抽象的时候. This sequencing allows children to arrive at abstraction seemingly on their own, without instruction. 事实上,学生是通过对材料的研究来发现抽象概念的.

The number of manipulative materials made available increases until a peak is reached in Junior Level. 随后,材料本身逐渐减少, 并相应增加参考资料的使用. Instead of textbooks, books and other forms of media are used as references to enable examining multiple perspectives.

Lessons in the school-wide curriculum are introduced simply and concretely in the early years. Concepts are then revisited at each Level with increasing degrees of abstraction and complexity. 在美高梅官方网学习是一个深度和广度的螺旋, 不是线性的,也不是单纯的事实积累.

给予深入探索和建立联系的自由和支持, 美高梅官方网学生成为自信、热情和自主的学习者.